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Today I’d like to present to you the Cullinator, a nifty little device I discovered while waltzing the floors of WPPI. I still remember curiously looking over to the booth wondering why there were lawn chair and a TV set up in the middle of a trade show. I soon found out as I was gently forced down into the chairs to give the re-purposed playstation controller a test spin.


Despite my initial skepticism of this being an absolutely useless device, after seconds of sitting down I was astonished at how comfortable it was to be able to toggle between images with one hand while comfortably reclining into the lawn chair. Though it definitely didn’t make the process of culling any more fun, it did make it feel a lot less like work.

So how exactly does the Cullinator work? Well long story short, it acts as a custom keypad in which you can reconfigure each button to perform a specific keyboard function. In my case, I like to use L5/L8 as left/right, 4/1/2 as (1/2/3) and 3 as (0) for my star ratings and 10 as the space bar.

This way I can actually comfortably cull images with one hand… while I sip a coffee with the other.

The Cullinator

As I mention in the video, I think that the greatest gain from a device like this is that it removes the option of multitasking from the computer forcing you to focus purely on the selection process. I also think it’s a fun way for clients to peruse images.

Since I don’t really do event photography anymore, the Cullinator really isn’t something that I’d use on a regular basis but if you do exclusively events, sports or weddings… this could be the perfect tool for you!

Anyways, I asked the folks over at the Cullinator if they’d be so kind to give me a Promo Code in exchange for this review and they agreed! So here you go ladies & gents, if you happen to be interested VONWONG2013 gets you 25% off on the cullinator’s website.

Alternatively, if you want to win one of these for free, simply leave a comment down below on how you’d make the most creative usage of the cullinator whether it’s editing while riding a bucking bronco or something similar, I want to hear it in the comments below! (PS. Whatever you do, I want photo proof of it if you win!)


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  • Cary Pennington

    If I win the Cullinator, I would be able to edit and cull more quickly while hanging upside down on my Teeter Hang Ups.