If the page appears blank, it may be blocked because of ad-block piece of software! Be sure to turn it off to check out the gear guide properly! 

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  • Looks like the styling on this page is a bit off?

    • Specifically? Let me know what you think I need to work on !

      • The overall style looks great, but it seems that the iframe containing the data featured in this post is too small for the full width of the data.

        Also, there seems to be a lot of extra space between the iframe and the bottom of the page (here).

        Finally, there may be a syntax error affecting the pingback portion of the post. The padding and style do not match the styling conventions of the rest of the site.

        Sorry to nitpick, but just trying to help!

        • pseudo fixed… wonder how to delete that useless pingback heh. thanks for ur help mate!

          • Cool! Try turning off comments. Pingbacks are essentially comments in WordPress. Disqus may stay, but WordPress comments are responsible for the pingbacks.

  • Vincent

    sorry I can’t figure out how to scroll down in the blog the screen cuts off 1 sentence in after Step 2:

    • I don’t even see a step 1?

      • Zachary Reiss-Davis

        I have a suspicion that Vincent is complaining about the same thing I am, in my earlier comment on the CamRanger — Lightroom tutorial, and just didn’t realize that all comments are on one URL (and all pages of the Gear Guide is on one URL, actually) due to the use of frames.

    • Vincent

      oops i found out why.. sorry about this.

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    It looks like other people have reported problems, but it still isn’t appearing for me — I can click the downward carat to get to see the first part, but not to scroll from there.

    • Try disabling adblock or something similar? Or a different browser perhaps?

      • Zachary Reiss-Davis

        Tested a few things for you — it appears to be because you’re using iFrames, to keep a static URL for the gear guide subpages, including the one with the CamRanger to Lightroom tutorial. That tutorial, and only that one, is not working. I tested it in Chrome, no extensions enabled, with a fully updated OS X on a Macbook Air on its own screen and an external monitor, as well as Safari, same setup.

        There is no way to scroll down further and see the rest of the tutorial that appears after this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvw5znz6zspwuzo/Screenshot%202015-03-20%2011.07.58.png?dl=0

        I hope that helps.

  • Whats missing from this list seems to be your Tripod. Out of curiosity I want to ask what you are using since you travel so much.