It’s taken forever, but here it is: over 4 hours of content where I go over my entire workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop complete with PSD files and live edits. Designed for the intermediate semi-professional in mind, I go over the most basic tools down to the more advanced on how I craft my signature look in my imagery.

This product was designed specifically to help fund my Von Wong does Europe tour a couple years back and as a result is being sold at the price of 150 USD. I know that it’s slightly on the pricier side of things, but if you like the product and want to earn some of it back I have a nifty affiliate program available if you want to join it.

On the flip side, if you do not enjoy the content within, I’ll be happy to issue a full refund! Thank you for the support 🙂

Table of Contents:


Intro to Lightroom – 0m 33s
A summary of the subjects that will be covered in this collection of Lightroom tutorials. Sections detailing the way Von Wong uses Lightroom will be applicable to both novice and advanced Lightroom users.

Lightroom workflow – 10m 36s
Von Wong explains his Lightroom workflow from beginning to end. This description includes importing, culling, editing, and exporting, geared towards users already fairly comfortable using Lightroom, with a more in-depth look at these functions later in the series.

Lightroom Shortcuts – 10m 28s
Learn why keyboard shortcuts are useful and how they can help improve your workflow. The shortcuts will be presented in three categories: important shortcuts to use in the Library tab, the Develop tab, and finally, general shortcuts.

Develop Tab – 18m 36s
An extended description of each of the photo editing functions in the Develop tab of Lightroom. Von Wong explains which functions he likes to use and his thought processes behind using each of them.

Import to Lightroom – 9m 15s
A guide to importing photos into a Lightroom catalogue. Learn additional skills such as how to import from multiple locations at once as well as how to import photos from another catalogue.

Exporting from Lightroom – 7m 07s
Von Wong covers how to export photos from Lightroom. He reveals the presets he uses to achieve optimal playback for Facebook, drafts for clients, watermarking, and full size images for cloud backups.

Exporting to Photoshop – 4m 19s
Covering a couple small details regarding exporting photos from Lightroom into Photoshop, such as editing as a smart object or a regular PSD file, as well as the main difference between TIF files and PSD files.


Intro to Photoshop – 1m 11s
A quick, friendly introduction from Von Wong on what you’ll be learning in these photoshop tutorials!

Photoshop Customization – 6m 08s
Von Wong reveals how he customizes his keyboard and Wacom tablet for use with his favorite tools in Photoshop. Learn why this customization is crucial for your comfort and for improving your workflow.

Intro to Color Grading – 9m 33s
Learn why color grading is important for defining the mood, theme, and composition of your image. Von Wong describes his four favourite color-grading tools – color layer, saturation, color balance, and curves – and how to use them effectively.

Intro to Healing & Cloning – 8m 27s
Von Wong discusses the main functions he uses for healing and cloning. Learn what the differences are between healing and cloning, as well as a look at the tools that are accessible to us.

Intro to Layer Blending Modes – 5m 08s
Learn what layer blending modes are and what effects they have on your images, as well as how they can help you enhance your final product. Texture layers, gradient maps, radial blur, and high-pass filters are discussed.

Intro to Masking – 8m 07s
Learn everything you need to know about layer masks in Photoshop: what they are, how to use them, how and when to use them effectively, and how masking can be applied to your workflow.

Intro to Pen Tool – 7m 06s
A detailed pen tool lesson to acquaint you with the pen tool and get you ready to practice with this Photoshop feature. Learn how this tool can be invaluable to your workflow once you’ve mastered its operation.

Intro to Selection – 7m 49s
Discuss the different tools and methods used to make selections in Photoshop. The four main selections tools that will be discussed are the quick select tool, pen tool, lasso tool, and channel masking.

Brush Customization – 8m 27s
Covering basic brush functions such as opacity and fill, brush customization, as well as hardness and softness. Von Wong discusses how he approaches each of these techniques and which keyboard shortcuts can be used.

Channel Masking – 6m 45s
Discover the channel masking tool in Photoshop. Though not the most flexible tool, channel masking can be employed for some complicated masking situations. Learn how the tool works, keyboard shortcuts, and situations ideal for this tool.

Frequency Retouch – 11m 01s
Learn what the frequency separation technique is, how it works, when to use it, and how Von Wong uses it in a new way to give you the ability to transform a hard light into a soft light.

High Pass – 4m 18s
Discussing the high pass function in Photoshop. Learn the pitfalls of over-using or misusing the high pass function, as well as small tweaks you can employ to improve the performance of the tool.

Liquify – 8m 11s
Learn how to use the extremely intuitive liquify tool to easily and effectively to enhance your final image. Learn how to liquify without being destructive to your image as well as shortcuts to use with this tool.

Quick Select Advanced – 5m 25s
A detailed recap of the quick select tool in Photoshop. Take a look at situations in which this tool is the ideal function for the job and others where this tool isn’t the best choice.

Color Grading – 4m 41s
Von Wong demonstrates the practical use of color grading by applying it to his photo of the Underwater Realm before it has been color graded. This will show how the colors are affected by color grading an image.

Live Edits

Fire – 11m 11s
A simple deconstruction of one of Von Wong’s iconic fire images of Andrey Das. Watch him discuss each layer of the edited image, the thought process behind the edits, the tools used, and watch a live edit to further understand the process.

Ballerina – 21m 07s
An overview of the edits made to this ballerina image. Learn the thought process behind each step, a breakdown of the tools used, and watch a live edit to further understand how each step was executed.

Underwater Realm – 11m 56s
A breakdown of the challenges presented in preparing, shooting, and editing Von Wong’s iconic Underwater Realm image. Review the layers of this image and learn what Photoshop techniques were used to bring all the elements of the image together.

Chester – 13m 33s
Von Wong discusses one of the most difficult images he has ever edited. This photo of professional retoucher Chester Van Bommel was not only an abstract, fantastical image, but was also put under tough scrutiny by Chester himself.

Cecilio – 60m
Using the steps reviewed in previous episodes, Von Wong brings to life an image that didn’t display its full potential straight out of the camera. Learn how Von Wong uses the tools of Photoshop to help perfect this image.