• Paralyzed mom hangs off cliff for Mother’s Day I never thought I’d find myself dangling off the edge of a cliff, in pouring rain, while sitting on a wheelchair. Blue Mountain Adventure Company, our safety riggers wanted to test the rig out on someone that was able bodied first. That someone, was me. It all started when we wanted to offer a complete stranger […] 0 Comments May 8, 2017
  • These Kids Are Growing One Billion Oysters! These kids are only 16 years old They are students of the New York Harbor School and part of the Billion Oyster project: an initiative designed to restore the underwater ecosystem of the New York Harbor by growing a few oysters. And by a few, I mean one billion. Their goal: To grow One Billion Oysters I first […] 0 Comments April 24, 2017
  • Mad Max meets Trump’s America When we first planned this photoshoot almost nine months back, it was never meant to be political. However, with President Trump’s recent commitment to bring back coal, my fantastical concept started to feel a lot more real. Earlier in the year, I had stumbled across a website that was bottling oxygen from the rocky mountains and […] 0 Comments January 30, 2017