Ever since I built a four-story tall Giant Plastic Tap, spewing plastics all over the UN headquarters of the United Nations when the Global Plastics Treaty was signed, I’ve received hundreds of requests to rebuild it worldwide. 

While it’s been an honor to build these giant installations globally, I’ve always dreamed of making a more accessible version so that students and classrooms could build their own and become young champions for change.

I’m extremely excited to share accessible art – that can build community, raise awareness, and advocate for change.

Thanks to a partnership with my friends at Students Rebuild, the Solgaard Nyx Foundation, and the amazing design work of Wintercroft – we’re proud to unveil with you a Cardboard version of the Giant Plastic Tap that ANYONE can easily download!!

If you know any students, teachers, non-profits or organizations absolutely hate plastics, please make sure to send them these templates – so they can join the #ExtraordinaryEarthProject and help to #TurnOffThePlasticTap

Click HERE to download the files for free!

Curious to see what you’re downloading? Here’s a little video that we put together!