Photography workshops are fantastic experiences – something about being on a set, as opposed to being stuck facing a computer screen – makes the experience that much more relatable.

To me, being able to give back to the community while putting faces to the names that comment and email me has always been an absolutely priceless experience.

As fun as those are, I have never seen myself settling to be an educator – going into the market to create tutorials, brush packs, presets, hoping from workshop to workshop, teaching the same thing to a different crowd.

As a result, I have been forced to cut back significantly on the number of workshops, just so that I have enough time to keep doing the meaningful and epic work that I am known for.

This year’s already zipped by, and I have only had time to give a single conference in Brisbane with only one remaining workshop in Fiji before the end of the year.


Attending workshops on the other side of the world is expensive and whilst chatting with Leigh, we agreed that it would be amazing to offer one lucky soul the opportunity to attend my last workshop for free.

Airfare, Accommodations, Food, Drinks and Workshops – All covered.

ENTER HERE (giveaway ended)

I’m not quite sure what the other instructors are doing in their workshop segments but I’ve teamed up with supermodel Jen Brook to put together a full 4 hour program that will give you a sneak peak into how I create my shots – Start to Finish.

And though you’ve probably all seen videos of mine here and there, here is one of a workshop I did last December in Malaysia produced by Anthony Barlan filmed/edited by Vision Studio shot on the Olympus EM-1.