Hey guys, posting this weeks video from all the way over in Seattle! Fellow fan Ngoc Tran flew me over to shoot her graduation so let me know if you want to grab a drink or coffee through my fan page and we’ll try to get in touch 🙂

This week I wanted to present to you guys a slightly different video. For those of you who have been following me closely, you’ll know that I’ve been playing more and more in creating my own videos from time to time. Naturally, this means that I’ve been starting to pay more and more attention to the video toys available! While waltzing around Toronto during one of my spontaneous roadtrips, I visited Henry’s Canada and saw that they had a nifty three wheeled device on display! This nifty device happened to be the Cinema Skater by Kamerar. Initially I was quite intrigued by the design… why would anyone want three wheels instead of four so I began fiddling around with it. I noticed that if I configured the wheels properly, I was able to make it spin on itself!

That’s when a little bell went off in my head. I contacted the nice folks over at Kamerar and asked if they would be so kind as to send me a unit for me to review and a couple weeks later I had my own nifty Cinema Skater to play with.

First impressions were that the Cinema Skater was beautifully packaged in a compact stylish box. After playing with it for a couple seconds, I noticed that it was very solidly constructed (easily supported my 150 pounds of Chinese spinning around on top of it!) and that it was very well balanced. The screws holding the wheels were also very easy to tighten to ensure that their orientation doesn’t change once you’ve taken the time to set them properly. My only complaint was that the notches to help you set your angle seemed to be a little haphazardly placed. They didn’t necessarily match up from wheel to wheel making it a little tough to configure the CineSkater to rotate on itself…

But no worries, a ruler and some patience quickly solved that!

Once I was certain I could configure the Cinema Skater properly, I invited a buddy Elie Babin to help me experiment with the Cinema Skater. Check out some of the results of gear that was lying around! (screengrabs)

DIY Product Display ft Cinema Skater  YouTube
– ft. Pico Dolly Kit
and a Smoke Machine

DIY Product Display ft Cinema Skater  YouTube 1
Darth Vader Lego Alarm Clock, Sexy Von Wong Bracelets, and a Smoke Machine

DIY Product Display ft Cinema Skater  YouTube 2
Ikan D5 monitor and some Fake Snow

DIY Product Display ft Cinema Skater  YouTube 3
My first dSLR, a Pentax K100D and some bubbles!

So what else was required?

  • Cinema Skater for that critical smooth rotation
  • 100 Blank DVDs to lift the product above the wheels (preferably full, or half full to keep the weight down)
  • Flat Black Surface (in my case, macbook pro cover) – to… have a nice black background
  • Piece of reflective table glass – to get a nice sexy backdrop
  • Directional Lighting – To light only your subject and not your backdrop. I used my DIY Studio made up solely of Fluorescent lights!

Excited? Check out the video to see how it was all done!! 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy this

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