Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from people asking me: What equipment do I have in the bag so I made this small video for you guys going over all the things in my bag as well as some useful travel tips!

Check it out:
For those of you interested in winning a Think Tank Airport International V 2.0, scroll down to the bottom of the page for more details!

Disclaimer: No company sponsored this post. Some of these item links ARE affiliate links which give me a % of sales if you buy from them.

Travel Tips summarized:

(see video for full description/explanations)

1. Heavy carry-on? Plan A: Pull the “Limited Liability” card.

Most airlines have a limited liability policy and you’re NOT ALLOWED to check in expensive items so if they complain about your gear being too heavy, ask if they want to insure the gear. If that doesn’t work

2. Plan B: Wear your equipment

There is no limit to how much you can wear on you so bringing something like a Newswear Chestvest or an UNDFIND Waist Shooter to wear your equipment on you, weigh your gear, and put it all back in.

3. If you’re only allowed a carry on and no laptop bag (like on budget European flights)

Remove the straps from your bag and hold it to your body like a book – it becomes a personal item! A low profile laptop bag like an Artificial Intelligence 17 V3.0 helps a lot!

4. Travelling with special gear that is TSA approved? Include the user manual.

The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Li-Ion Kit that I travel with may look intimidating to the uninitiated so I include a small user manual with a little post-it that has SECURITY written all over it next to my batterypack that describes what the pack is for just in case the security folks get antsy. It’s far easier to include the user manual (or a couple pages of it) then trying to explain to them what it is and why you need it.

5. Grab a universal power strip to charge your electronics

Rather than bring 20 converters, bring one and a power bar to charge your stuff! Grab a Universal Travel Power Strip
so that you won’t have voltage issues!


Th airport international 4

Think Tank Airport International V 2.0

Pros: The most solidly built bag ever, amazing ball bearings, fantastic padding. Closest thing to a “hard case” you’ll get that’s actually portable. TSA approved travel locks built in… overall an amazing bag. International travel size and fits just about all you need except a 300mm lens. Fabric is water resistant made of ballistic nylon. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Cons: Heavy.

Price: 369.75$

Artificial Intelligence 17 V30 4  1

Artificial Intelligence 17 V3.0

Pros: Solid build. Compatible with the Airport International. I get the 17″ simply because it gives more space for my plethora of random cables. Vertical design actually makes it easier to carry in crowded places and offers a lower profile non-traditional laptop look (attracts less attention).

Cons: The strap is not the most comfortable. Not very padded.

Price: 59.75$

Useful travel gadgets:

(in no particular order)


Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

Pros: Amazing sound quality, bluetooth + built in microphone, can download SEXY voices, great battery life, water/shock resistant

Cons: Hard to find in orange (it was a limited edition). Not the loudest speaker in its category.

Price: 146.99$


Mogopod V2.0

Pros: Light, portable, and very cool dual gear action makes it super easy to stretch out and tidy up. Makes a great light pole when combined with one of these spigots.

Cons: The spigot tends to unscrew itself if you put something too heavy on the opposite end. Would require something such as loctite to hold things together properly.

Price: 79.99$


Zagg iPad Keyboard

Pros: This keyboard doubles up as a case so it not only protects the iPad but transforms the iPad into a place to send type out ideas, emails or more esp. when on a long flight. iPad batteries last significantly longer than computer batteries! It’s also great when you find a hotspot with only 30 minutes of free wifi… doubles up as a second device after you’ve used up your first 30 minutes with your laptop!

Cons: Can make your case a bit bulky

Price: ~99$. Depends on model. Some are even backlit!

31iwGwh 9tL

Leatherman Squirt Keychain

Pros: It’s tiny, portable, has just about every tool you would need on a set and acts as a keychain. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Cons: So small you occasionally forget to put it in your check-in bag.

Price: 26.18$


Nasty Clamp

Pros: Light, strong, portable & clamps onto pretty much anything. Great for clipping a speedlight, Zoom H4N or GoPro!

Cons: Sometimes doesn’t work as well on thinner tubes

Price: 59.95$


Newswear Chestvest

Pros: Comfortable, durable, has back support which is great for long days on the field, practical and can fit 2x telephoto lenses and more. Great in case you get stopped for having overweight carry-on and need to “wear” your equipment.

Cons: Not very stylish

Price: 89.95$


Inflatable Neck Pillow

Pros: Super portable. Helps you sleep… anywhere – Plane, Train, Car, Floor… Removable cover means you can even wash it!

Cons: Not the most comfortable travel neck pillow but the portability is worth the tradeoff.

Price: 12.00$


Universal Travel Power Strip

Pros: Save money on converters, charge efficiently, surge protection!

Cons: ugly.

Price: 19.99$ on and it even sells in Canada

Photography related gadgets:

(in no particular order)

Elinchrom vonwong

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Li-Ion Kit

Pros: Super light weight. Battery recharges to 75% in only 45 minutes. Travel-safe fuses means no problems flying with the batteries. Tiny flash heads means you can keep them safe by bringing them on your carry-on. Rugged weather resistant battery, solid cables and LED modelling light make them great for on location shooting.U get 300-400 full powered shots off in slow-recharge mode.

Cons: Asymmetrical power settings means that flash power of various heads are actually linked by a 2/3 : 1/3 ratio. I hate ratios. Expensive, but it really has no competition.

Price: On sale at 2799$ in Vistek Canada, 3100$ at B&H.

Elinchrom deepocta vonwong

Rotalux Deep Octa 100cm

Pros: Can be dismantled to save space, but also has solid foldable design. Extremely well designed, solid construction. Great light distribution and provides a nice focused but soft light source. Overall the Rotalux line of stuff is ah-mazing.

Cons: Slightly expensive.

Price: On sale at 319.95$ in Vistek Canada, 314.99$ at B&H

61voDKf4isL SL1200

Custom SLR M-Plate Tripod Plate

Pros: Never forget your tripod plate ever again (Manfrotto RC2 and Arca Swiss compatible). Super solid and compatible with the CSLR Glide Strap family of stuff that makes a super comfortable camera strap, even with a 70-200 strapped onto it.

Cons: Difficult to remove if you switch from photo to video. Takes a while getting used to if it’s installed on a battery grip.

Price: 74.95$


ProDot Shutter Upgrade

Pros: You either love it or hate it. I love it. Helps me find my shutter button easier, surprisingly comfortable to use.

Cons: They fall off with wear & tear 🙁

Price: 9.95$


Pocketwizard TT5

Pros: Compact. Hypersync and FP sync make you get the most bang for the buck out of your flash systems. Built in compatibility for White Lightnings, Einsteins and Alien Bees. Low profile, folds into nothing and is compatible with the AC3 Zone Controller that allows you to control your flash remotely!

Cons: Expensive & less range than some competing products but it’s got a lot of R&D that’s gone into it with some awesome customization functions. Settings must be configured using a PC, which is kind of inconvenient.

Price: 220$ on Amazon, 219$ on B&H


PocketWizard Plus III

Pros: Love the backlit display. Half-press makes the Pocketwizard III great for a backup trigger as well as a remote camera trigger when combined with the appropriate camera cable. Reliable and robust. Great range. Plays well with the TT5s

Cons: Expensive & doesn’t have the fancy TTL functions that the TT5 has.

Price: 150$ on Amazon, 150$ on B&H

31wwUxu0BYL copy

SIRUI Carbon fiber Tripod N2205

Pros: Super portable, tiny, lightweight. Folds so small (18.4″) that you can easily fit it into a small backpack. Solid construction and overall fabulous

Cons: Vibrates slightly.

Price: Only 229€ on Lovinpix and 466$ on Amazon

Note: I just discovered 3 legged thing. I think I’m in love with Brian and may just have to chuck the SIRUI.

The rest of the Nikon toys:

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Giveaway Vonwong

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  • Adil

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  • Guest

    Great advice! When travelling for pleasure and not business, I often like to challenge myself by bringing only one lens with me. It helps me to worry less about the gear and think more about the trip. On a recent trip to Chicago, I decided to bring a DX 35mm F/2.8 with my FX D700. That was an interesting challenge.

    Also, I’ve shared this post here: 🙂

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  • Lauren Green

    This just got me super excited! Would love the chance to win the ThinkTank, would be perfect for carrying our gear to our wedding in the DR!!! If only we could afford you to photograph it for us 🙂

  • Great advice! When travelling for pleasure and not business, I often like to challenge myself by bringing only one lens with me. It helps me to worry less about the gear and think more about the trip. On a recent trip to Chicago, I decided to bring a DX 35mm F/2.8 with my FX D700. That was an interesting challenge.

    Also, I’ve shared this post here:

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    Sneaky, I would add bring a business card for security. It saves me some extra x-rays and swab tests on occasion

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  • To choose the best photo equipment for a long road is one of the most difficult things to do, it’s always possible to get there and find out that you need something that is home.

  • Elizabeth Beard

    As I don’t have a good travel case, this would be AMAZING!!!

    As an inspirational story …

    I was working the print station at a Help Portrait event a few years ago and there was an older gentleman was holding his portrait, staring at it very intently. I asked him how long it had been since he’d seen a photo of himself and he looked up at me and asked how long ago grade 6 had been.

    It strikes me how, even in this digital age, there are people who don’t have any record of their life. A friend and I now organize 2 Help Portrait events a year in our neighbourhood.

    The reaction people have to a printed copy of a photo in their hand is amazing!

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    Although I haven’t used it on a airplane, I built a custom light bag out of a large suitcase I bought for cheap at a thrift shop. I tore the insides of it out and bought a couple yoga mats and some lime green duct tape. I cut pieces of the yoga mat to line the insides of the gutted suitcase and wrapped them in green duct tape so I could see in the bag easily. I then spray glued them to the inside. You can also make dividers out of the yoga mats. Mine holds 2 stands, all the cords I need, a set of grids, weights for light stands, batteries, tape, gels, all the little pieces. A 1200 w/s Speedotron pack, 2 heads with reflectors, and a couple light stands. I then hang a octobox folded up in a case from the rolling handle. I also attach my urban disguise bag to the rolling handle and can get everything on location in one trip!

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    • i don’t know what the size limitations are but the think tanks are built to international flying dimensions. :S Just check and look at the flight dimensions and compare them to the bags!

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    I was also surprised to see you carry own the Ranger lighting equipment! I usually just pack speedlights for this though that is certainly very limited. I’m amazed that you pack 2-3x as much as I do for photography gear and I thought I had already perfected and maxed out my gear packing options! Way to go above and beyond!

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    • I shoot BTS videos and the D7000 is the only other camera I have that does video (I have a d700 and a d300)

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      • Dave Nunez

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  • Dan Alexandru

    Hey Von, this is a great post! Especially the tips in dealing with ‘friendly’ airlines 🙂 Really useful altogether!

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  • flamencofilm

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  • Rodford Bucalon

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  • DN

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    I started photography 3 years ago with a point and shoot during highschool. Now I’m majoring in photography and have my own DSLR as well as a film slr. Looking back makes me realize how much I have learned. It doesn’t seem like much as I’m learning, but these past 3 years have given me a wide range of knowledge. I hope to expand my knowledge even more and become successful enough in a photography career to add more gear to my bag and support myself. Good luck to all the aspiring photographers out there and follow your dreams! Live your passion!

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    • when has a customs officer actually opened your bag as they chat with you asking who you were visiting? They don’t even look at what you carry !

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    por cierto, publique tu concurso en nuestra pag: para tu promoción:

    —————————————- In Englsh

    Benjamin great!! my story the story in Spanish first and now in English … I buy a hideous floral bag, just to be able to see when he got to the baggage belts. And after traveling to Chile and Cuba, it broke, I think because it inspired hatred and airport workers think it contained a lot of stuffed animals or necklaces Hawaii.

    by the way, post your contest on our pag for you promo:


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    • Well they won’t insure it is the point – they aren’t responsible for any of the contents which is why expensive items are considered as personal items and shouldn’t be counted in the weight limits! It doesn’t always work so try to print something out and/or be prepared to wear your gear!

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    The ticket agent asked me to weigh my pelican 1510 (which is nearly overweight to start with). After I opened it up, seeing that it was packed with cameras, she told me not to worry about it. I rolled on through. An Airport International might help a bit to tip the scale, but let’s hope AC continues this thoughtful measure!

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    and of coz TTP international is a bonus if I win 🙂

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    Maybe i should consider airport international as i’ve tested it very durable and tough.!! :p

  • Dan

    Someone should mention that the weight limit for carry on is not just a random figure that they made up, It’s there because that’s how strong the lockers are.

    In the event of hitting major turbulence, overloaded lockers could actually cause structural damage to the aircraft.

    Don’t think of it as a game to try and carry on excess gear, the weight limit is there for your safety. Use a pelican case to store your stuff securely and simply check it in. Your own equipment insurance should cover it in the event of it being damaged or lost.

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    I’ve also heard of people in the US (as I’m not familiar with international/European laws) who know that they’ll have to check in bags will check in a firearm with the bag because airlines will have to track the bag so they don’t lose the firearm. (Disclaimer: I don’t own a gun and I don’t know your local gun laws at the start or end of your trip. I do not own a gun so I don’t know gun laws. I am merely repeating what I’ve read in the past.)

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    This bag would def. work well for this type of Rugged travel,.. i’d only hope to get those Strobes to throw in the Bag! I didn’t realize how small they really were,.. This was helpful!,.. I admire Quality Work in the bag,.. Probably one on the reasons i kept with the Chrome bag,..They make quality bags that are waterproof,.. but mostly not ment for cameras.
    Current Equip for travel.

    Macbook Pro 15″

    Nikon D200
    Nikon n90s
    50mm 1.8d, 35mm 1.8g, 28mm 2.8d , and a Sigma 70-210
    2 Nikon Sb600s
    Giottos tripod,
    1 gopro hero1 and mounts
    1 wescott apollo orb and stand. and a Manfrotto C.Fiber Mono Pod used mostly for a Light boom also.. lol. it’s so perfect for that!
    Wescott mirco apollo
    Gary Fong collapsible defuser.
    Gel pack. and filters
    Camera Sensor cleaning equip and magnifier glass.
    Compact flashes, and film.
    And other random goodies..
    I normally have multiple lens cleaning clothes on my keychain,.. camera strap and bag zippers also, i find that is a good place to keep them.

    I will def. share this type of stuff
    here’s a link to my bag, and Blog

    Instagram @beardslyriver

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    I especially like the idea to put the Quadra’s user manual in the bag as I always get questioned about the strange looking blocks of whatever it might be on every flight. I feel Elinchrom owes me as I’ve instructed at least 10 different airport security guys on mobile flash this year alone. 🙂

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    I ALWAYS pack in a Canon vest in my carry on. In case I see the flight reps actually weighing other people’s carry on, I do a quick dash to the restroom to put on the vest and some of my equipment in it. I have also found the TT Shapeshifter to be the best inconspicuous travel bag for camera gear.

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  • Awesome tips! Thanks! I want to marry my current think tank bag!!

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  • PerEricJansson

    Thanks for sharing all that useful information! Especially on how to get through check in desks.
    Maybe I am missing something, but tripods for the flash heads? Are they checked in?

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    Quick question, when you travel your quadra heads you just use them attached to the EL adapter, and obviously with no bulb protection.
    I usually travel the quadra with the normal reflector and front traslucent cap, your way seems to dangerous to me, but do you have any problem or advice to travel them without without front caps?

    Almost forgot, you do a great job, very inspiring!

    • My ThinkTank bag is almost like a hard case… I’m really not worried 🙂 Also i carry that with me all the time so it’s on my person!

      • slapman21

        Thank you for your reply.
        I’ve got an airport security v2.0 so I know it’s “like” an hard case, but not exactly an hard case. I’ll try to put the heads like you do.
        Greetings from Italy

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  • Matthew Rakola

    When I travel with the Elinchrom Quadras I always pop out the fuse and tape over the battery terminals. (Folding over the tape so the stick from the tape doesn’t gum up the contacts.) Airports are kind of weird about lithium batteries so I go out of my way to show them that I’m addressing their concerns. Also, I include a pack list ON TOP of all the gear with full explanations, including, next to the Quadra line item, the words “fuses removed, terminals covered”. I only travel every 3-4 months, but I’ve never had a problem

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    Thank you again!!