• A Fantastical Maternity Photoshoot – For Charity Giving back is something that I’ve always advocated, because I believe that it gives life both meaning and purpose. In the case of photography, I typically do that by means of teaching, writing these blog posts, and occasionally shipping myself into boxes to surprise sick fans. About a year ago, I did something different. I flew over […] vonwong 0 Comments September 20, 2015
  • Final Workshop: Giving Away A Spot (incl Airfare) Photography workshops are fantastic experiences – something about being on a set, as opposed to being stuck facing a computer screen – makes the experience that much more relatable. To me, being able to give back to the community while putting faces to the names that comment and email me has always been an absolutely […] vonwong 0 Comments July 25, 2015
  • Wacom's "Create More" Campaign ft. Von Wong I have always hated sharing PSD files. Not because I’m scared someone will steal my secrets, but because I’ve always believed that it made people focus on reproducing an image, rather than creating something new. Wacom though, had a completely different vision: They believed that giving out tutorials and resources freely to other creatives would encourage and foster growth among […] vonwong 0 Comments July 16, 2015