• Walking on lava for charity How close can I safely get a model to molten lava? What if the ground breaks under our feet? Will our shoes melt or catch on fire? These were a few of the many questions I had for lava expert and photographer CJ Kale as I was planning my first ever photoshoot on the constantly changing lava flows on the Big […] vonwong 0 Comments October 19, 2016
  • Model Tied Down with Sharks to Create Surreal Shark Shepherd Fiji is known to ecotourists around the world for its world-class shark dives. As a photographer looking to create meaningful work, this was the perfect opportunity for me to create a series of images that would promote their beauty while advocating for their protection. Sharks are almost always depicted as menacing and terrifying, yet it […] vonwong 0 Comments January 18, 2016
  • Surreal Stormchasing Portraits “Can you imagine how complicated it would be to plan a shoot whilst chasing a storm??” “Coordinating models, building sets & designing lighting – all without knowing where the shoot would take place, while storms zip by at who knows how many miles per hour? It would be an absolute nightmare and impossible to pull off without funding! We […] vonwong 0 Comments November 11, 2015