About a month back, I threw up on facebook a small status update: “If I hit 10,000 fans I will…” and said that I would try my best to do the comment with the most likes.

Jeremy Au Yeung, a young fan and fellow photographer from Toronto came up with the suggestion: “Take a provocative self-nude shoot”… which turned out to be the most popular comment…! This photograph is the result of it.

From the start, I had decided that I would want to take a photograph of myself in something that involved a really nice light and some rain so initial thoughts turned around creating a magnificent rain machine or something similar. Unfortunately, that approach was mildly complex so things got slightly delayed as I tried to assemble the pieces to make that shoot possible. Thankfully though, Nature decided to kick while I was off in a solitary retreat in a small cabin belonging to my friend Monique.

Of course, I figured that a small video would be welcome so I threw a small one up on my Youtube Channel showcasing a small stop motion as well as a fast-forward of the photoshop edit (20 minutes!)

For those that are curious about the post-processing I simply went for a desaturated look through Lightroom
and then proceeded doing general cleanup in Photoshop CS6 by removing distracting lines and Bokeh with the healing/clone brush. The final steps for those who didn’t catch it were the High Pass filter to sharpen the image and curves to add that blueish tint to the image.

Enjoy 🙂

DSC 8945 Edit