A couple weeks back, I ordered a Silicon Power A80
hard drive after my friends over at the SLRLounge proclaimed it as one of the most durable and affordable portable hard drives on the market. Intrigued, I decided to purchase a pair of my own to put them through some “real life” tests.

The video was quite fun to make and to be very honest we were quite worried the drive wouldn’t survive test one and we’d be left with no hard drive and no video to show for it… but luckily for us the drive actually survived quite impressively all three tests.

So what’s cool about this drive is that it only costs about 120$ for 1TB and comes bundled up WITH USB3.0 which makes it just about the same price as all the other portable hard drives on the market… except it happens to be … that much more durable.

For those of you interested in purchasing the drive, support us and click this affiliate link:
—> Silicon Power A80

For those of you that want to propose alternative ways to destroy our hard drive, head over to my youtube video and leave a comment or vote on your favorite option there!

Thanks for watching!

PS. Small note. Although this hard drive is DURABLE I would definitely not recommend you to put it through any sort of extreme punishment, If you’re truly looking for an indestructible device you’re better off purchasing something similar to this IoSafe Solo
featured on DIYP.

Videography: Eric Sanchez
Assist: Anick Morel & Elie Babin