Though I deeply enjoy sharing and teaching workshops, I have decided to take a break from them in the coming year.

Photography is something that I have passionately and tirelessly worked on over the past couple years, and it has reached the point where I need to refocus on “Why” I do photography. Recent soul-searching has led me to discover a new-found passion for the themes of conservation and advocacy and because of that, I feel that it is best if I take a little break from teaching until I understand this new direction fully.

Although nothing will truly replace a full workshop experience, I partnered up with Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE to produce a 4 hour tutorial that will take you through not just the retouching process but also the shooting process. Similar to my workshops, I go through the entire thought process on how and why I set up lighting, what goes on in my head during the various parts of a photoshop as well as the different tools that I retouch with.

Just to be clear, this isn’t goodbye. 

DSC 9723 as Smart Object 1 copy2
Model: Anne-Tyler Harshbarger Makeup/Hair: Dinah Raphaelle Dress: Michelle Hébert

I plan to continue putting out free BTS videos and blog posts (my next one will actually be on shark diving in Fiji!) just like I always have. Giving back to the community and inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest is something that I have continuously done for my entire career, and something I have no intention of stopping.

Workshops take a lot of work to put together. Though they may last just a couple days at a time, I have always gone above and beyond to create a unique experience – putting exotic locations and models at the disposal of creatives.

As a result, I end up spending weeks and occasionally months planning workshops that don’t reach the majority of my internet audience.

With this tutorial, I hope to give everyone access to the workshop experience while also making sure that my photography and the adventures that I share continue evolving in an exciting direction.

I definitely plan to be back in the future, speaking at trade shows, touring around the world and talking about the new discoveries and techniques I develop… but for 2016, it’s just going to be this tutorial.

Thank you all for your support. I wouldn’t be here without you.


Oh, and one more thing for those of you who have made it this far:

Every day of this week, I’ll be giving out one copy of either PhotoshopCAFE’s tutorial or my own retouching tutorial.

Here are the rules for entry:

  1. You must gift the tutorial to anyone but yourself.
  2. Tell me why that person is special and why they deserve it in the comments below.
  3. The end 🙂

If you feel like supporting me you can pick up a copy of your own at PhotoshopCAFE  by simply clicking over yonder –>