Yes. That’s right guys. I made a video about my hair.

Hope you guys enjoyed it because I definitely suffered to make it happen!! It was a freezing night out in the parking lot and Ariel & I had dedicated our Friday afternoon to testing out the For-A. A couple weeks back For-A was kind enough to lend me their For-a VFC-7000 700 fps slow motion camera to make our Epic Pumpkin Massacre video.

We had planned to shoot test footage of the For-A during the late afternoon since we didn’t have any proper indoor lighting to properly accommodate 700 fps. Unfortunately, due to a bunch of technical mishaps, we only managed to get things properly up and running at sundown which meant that we would be quite limited in the footage we could shoot.

Nevertheless, we continued with our original plan of testing out a variety of materials. Of course, while testing, we quickly realized that splashing water was nowhere as entertaining as splashing water on person so I quickly became the model for the shoot.

Despite the cold, we foraged ahead testing out a variety of different effects… from throwing leaves into fire to flares!

We stayed outside for a good two hours and finally concluded the shoot with a massive bucket toss of water on my face as I spat fire.

We decided to call things a wrap for the outside portion of the shoot after we decided that car headlights weren’t going to be sufficient to film eggs crashing gloriously into my face so we popped over to the inside of Ariel’s studio where we continued our shenannigans.
eFor the inside portion, we decided on playing with flour and eggs. Flour, as you guys probably know already is one of my all time favourite effects and this time it really did not disappoint! Combined with the LensBaby, the hair swirl in particular turned out gloriously epic.

Unfortunately for us, we only had fluorescent lights available to us for the shoot which caused perceptible flickering in our final image 🙁 Rather than lower the shutter speed though, we decided to live with flickers for the sake of keeping the epic slow motion.

The idea behind this video shoot was to come up with some visually exciting content and it seemed like a brilliant idea to toss a LensBaby Composer onto the For-A. We played with the two lenses I had available, the sweet 35mm and the edge 80mm. Each gave a different effect on top of the extreme effects that we had… and we found the lenses fantastic to give a dream-like texture to our images. For those of you that are curious, the flour-swoosh one was shot using the Sweet 35mm.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks video… and hello from Paris!

Special Gear:


  • Austin Lawrence: Epic Music Composer
  • Andrew Kesler: Sound engineer
  • Ariel Levesque: Cameraman