Should I buy a teleprompter? Why should I get a teleprompter? Which teleprompter should I get? Here are a couple answers to your questions:

As someone who makes BTS videos on a weekly basis, I’ve found that having one of these nifty devices can really help me improve the quality of the videos that I can bring your way. I took a little bit of practice to get things right. Initially I had problems with my eyebrows and expression and looked a little bit forceful… but after a couple tweaks, focusing on getting the right body language and proper camera angle it does deliver some really solid results.

For more information on the PadPrompter itself, I invite you to check it out on their website:

Though I definitely need to get a bit more practice with it, here are a couple tips that I’ve found to be helpful when setting up your teleprompter to look the most natural on camera:


For some odd reason, we tend to get our reading faces on when… well, reading off of a teleprompter. This means that it gets rather stiff and unexpressive. Deep breaths, relax and imagine talking to a person. It helps!

Break eye contact

It’s good from time to time to simply break a little eye contact with the camera as you pause to move on to the next paragraph. Either looking slightly away, picking something up, looking at your hands. It helps to break that newscaster vibe and bring a bit more humanity into your presentation

Keep going… and calibrate!

Even with a teleprompter in front of me, I still make mistakes and stumble through words as I go through the presentation. Go through with it anyways instead of restarting from scratch and each run will become more and more fluid. As you go, note which parts you speak too fast/too slow and edit your prompting text until it goes at a natural speed.

That’s about it guys! I can’t quite stress out how useful it is to have a teleprompter if you make BTS videos, coordinate interviews! I think the PadPrompter itself is an amazing product at an extremely competitive price but… don’t take my word for it, feel free to check out on other products that exist on the market and do your own research! Here are a couple search results that came up when typing “Teleprompter” on B&H (they unfortunately don’t carry the pad prompter)

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